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typical products and recipes of fiumalbo Fiumalbo

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typical products and recipes of fiumalbo Fiumalbo

typical products and recipes  of fiumalbo

Traditional activity of the entire mountain area is the processing of milk to obtain cheese from sheep, cow and the famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Even in Fiumalbo there are companies and retailers of these dairy products. Another valued productions is that one of cold cuts.
Using lots of red fruits that grow wild in the undergrowth are even produced in large quantities jams, liqueurs and mountain syrups of various flavors.
In the undergrowth you can also find many varieties of edible mushrooms in particular the porcini mushroom. Collected in large quantities and left to dry they become a very popular and appreciated ingredient of the local cuisine.
The best known of the town's sweet is definitely the Croccante di Fiumalbo prepared with simple ingredients such as honey, almonds, sugar and caramel.



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