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outskirtses Fiumalbo

Typical products and recipes  of FiumalboTraditional activity of the entire mountain area is the processing of milk to obtain cheese from sheep, cow and the famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Even i
Places and events of interest in FiumalboFiumalbo, regardless of its small extension, is a charming art city with palaces and monuments of a certain historical and cultural interest. The hist
What to do in summer in FiumalboAlthough is located in high mountain, in the town of Fiumalbo fun does not end with the arrival of the warm season. Firstly this is the period of Esta
What to do in winter in FiumalboFiumalbo is located at the feet of Cimone, a mountain famous for the presence of 50 km of ski slopes all linked together and accessible through a sing
History of FiumalboThe written history of Fiumalbo covers at least 1,000 years, but the city's origins are lost in time. Probably the area was inhabited already in the s
Features of FiumalboThe municipality of Fiumalbo is located in the Upper Apennines of Modena on the border with Tuscany, more precisely, the old town is situated in a val


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