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features of fiumalbo

features of fiumalbo

The municipality of Fiumalbo is located in the Upper Apennines of Modena on the border with Tuscany, more precisely, the old town is situated in a valley at the confluence of the Rio San Francesco with the Rio Acquicciola. It houses about 1,300 inhabitants and extends between 800 m and 2165 m at the summit of mount Cimone including wooded areas with beech and fir trees at high altitudes and chestnut, maple and hazel at lower altitudes. Agriculture and livestock no longer find much space in this mountainous area that today is mainly devoted to tourism.
Fiumalbo is placed among the most beautiful villages in Italy and has earned the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club in 2001, a prize awarded to the inland towns that offer excellent quality of tourism services and a special attention to natural environment care.

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