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what to do in summer in fiumalbo

what to do in summer in fiumalbo

Although is located in high mountain, in the town of Fiumalbo fun does not end with the arrival of the warm season. Firstly this is the period of Estate Fiumalbina, a non-stop festival from June to September with music, theater, markets, fairs and festivals. During this period the medieval center of the town, full of winding streets, squares, ups and downs and characteristic stone houses, is animated with people and colors.
Fiumalbo is positioned in a place particularly exposed to sunlight that ensures an ideal climate during the cold winter and the summer heat so that outdoor sports are greatly encouraged. In Fiumalbo is possible to practice in particular tennis in at least five fields and next to that find place the ones for football. End then sport fishing in the many streams in the area, paragliding and gliding from the take-off points in the localities of Piancavallaro and Doccia.
Numerous are also the natural and hiking trails crossing the territory of Fiumalbo and of the surrounding municipalities on which you can go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or walking collecting fruits that grow wild in the undergrowth. Along the pathways you are always surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the peaks of the Apennine mountains.
Much of the territory of Fiumalbo is protected inside the Frignano Park, an area of 15,000 hectares including a territory that range between 500 m and the 2000 m of Mount Cimone which dominates the entire area. The park is a natural habitat extremely rich and varied that boasts the presence of unique plant and animal species. The aim is to protect biodiversity, promote the growth and conservation of this species.

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