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history of fiumalbo

history of fiumalbo

The written history of Fiumalbo covers at least 1,000 years, but the city's origins are lost in time. Probably the area was inhabited already in the second century by the community of the Ligurian escaped from the roman conquests.
Is a true fact that in 1038, the Rocca was sold by the Marquis Bonifacio to the bishop of Modena and that later the town swore allegiance to the latter procuring men and territory for any military necessity. For a long time Fiumalbo remain tied to the family of Este and kept its modest trade with the towns of the near Tuscany until the end of the sixteenth century.
The construction of the Via Giardini, important communication road that crosses the Apennines, started already in 1716 and partially solved the problem of isolation of the town that, however, ended to be depopulated. Particularly the beginning of the '900 saw many inhabitants migrate abroad in search of work.
In 1936 the territory of the town was reorganized and some parts were ceded to the nearby municipality of Abetone.

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