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places and events of interest in fiumalbo

places and events of interest in fiumalbo

Fiumalbo, regardless of its small extension, is a charming art city with palaces and monuments of a certain historical and cultural interest. The historic center has kept largely the look of medieval times with dense interlacing of narrow streets and stone houses some of which still keeping slate roofs.
In the heart of the town is the Church of St. Francis that houses a splendid altar of the crucifix of the '600 and not far away is the small Oratory of Saint Rocco dating from the sixteenth century with the characteristic cross vault and the frescoes of the mid '500. The main place of worship remains the Parish Church of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of Fiumalbo, dating from the thirteenth century but rebuilt and enlarged in '500. The exterior retains the Renaissance style while the interior consists of three naves, the central one has the ceiling of carved wood. Houses inside a rich heritage of paintings, crosses and religious statues of great artistic value.
The Church of St. Catherine is now seat the Museum of Sacred Art in which are collected vestments, paintings, altars, tabernacles, statues provided by the two fraternities in the country: the one of the Immacolata (called the whites) and the one of the Santissimo Sacramento (called the reds). The exhibition of objects of worship has been integrated with works of particular artistic standing including a copy of the Cross of Fiumalbo that dates back to 1400.
In Fiumalbo recur every year several cultural events as the Feast of the Patron in late August in which we witness the traditional procession through the streets of the town lit for the occasion by many candles. On the day of Mardi Gras you can witness the Fiaccolata di Carnevale where some volunteers runs whit a large and heavy burning torch along the street of the old town to the confluence of the two rivers where it is lit a bonfire.

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